Sir John Soane’s Museum

This week i went to Sir John Soane’s Museum which quite near holborn station.You won’t believe the one small building in London could contain such massive collection displaying all different types of architecture that Soane collect from around the world and Load of the antique stuff.It is kinda give a feeling like he put the whole british museam in to his house ..The way he lay stuff around is quite interesting because it is just all around you everywhere and each of the item is very historical and very unique.After i have done some research i found out that he design the Bank of England and Dulwich Art Gallery which is very cool. I really like his model room so much. It contains ancient site of greek and some where else around the world which i have seen real acropolis one before that make me even more crazy.


Special Collections Centre

This week we have been looking at Special Collections Centre in Lcc which their collection are in film making, graphic design and history of printing. This week we have focus in the Stanley Kubrick Archive.He is an American film director which the well known of movie that i know is The Shining and A Space Odyssey.They have collection of rare stuff which are the scripts , story board in many language, 3D model of the set, photographs and more. I find this collection very interesting because i never thought i will see anything like this before.Then after that tutor has teach us ways to do research rather than googling it. The one i found very useful is mintel academic because their research method not only give me some infomation but also they have graphic info , chart , and statac which make my research much more easier to understand


Anish Kapoor’s Olympic Orbit tower



This week we went to Orbit tower next to the Olympic , it took me quite a long time from my house to the place. My first impression was this tower is like came from no where and I don’t feel like i want to pay 10£ just to go up there , so I decide to walk around and i found out that this place is very spacious and it kinda desert land , i feel like the stadium and the sculpture don’t relate to each other , they just put the tower here because they can.And I don’t feel like this structure present London by that compare to London eye or Paris both of them look more interesting and i’m willing to pay to go up there. I heared some of my class mate saying that the view from the top is quite horrible and they try too hard to find some attraction in to this tower such as upside down mirror that show lanscape in upside down.Maybe they need more time to make it boom?


Welcome Collection Visit


On week 6 we went to Welcome Collection Visit the exhibition that interested me the most is Henry welcome’s private collection which contain Japanese sex aid, diagnostic dolls and Napoleon’s toothbrush to George 3’s hair. There are so many weird stuff going on in this room which blow my mind away and the layout of the room is very suit with the exhibition.The physical layout is a very darkroom with a low light and wooden floor which make the room darker. Even though each item is very interesting but when it comes to light focus on them it makes the item become efficient looking.The intend flow of the exhibition would be about culture and evolution of human race about medicine. Some of the items it makes me feel lucky i was not born at that time.They display object on the wall and glass box and they provide very details of the information next to the items which make me can’t let my eyes out of the object.


British Museum Visit

Assyria: Lion Hunts (Room 10a)

This room is mainly about lion hunt scenewhich back in that time was considered the
sport of kings.The physical layout of the gallery is they place puzzles on the original place on the wall, so when the visitors walking through, each puzzle is a scene telling a story from start to the end.The impact of environment is lighting which
they shade the light to the wall ,so it will make people focus more and also they use warm and cold colour which is blue and grey which make it quite contrast with the wall.But i feeBritish Museum Visit l like they don’t suit each other.Each scene is very obvious, they give us accurate information and with the wall it makes me feel like back to that time.But compare this room to others room, this room is feel isolate maybe because it is old? I feel like they can improve more such as make the display more modern somehow.Also when you look at the text they are very tiny and the  light if they somehow make a light more focus on the wall it would be more interesting.


Mark Ingham: POSE! “That’s Not Me“

As you can see the above picture. At first glace i thought it is just a normal picture with a lot of people see something , but actually it is a picture of people camping waiting for the apollo11 rocket in to the space .

And we get in to a group and tutor give us a question which is what is photography? In dictionay the defination of photography is “the art or practice of taking and processing photographs” . And also we have discuss about how photography can trick us. In my free times i like to scroll 9gag and then there is one post the original post the picture of soilder who collapse on the floor and there others 2 soilder one of them is holding the first soilder head and another one give the first soilder a water and then the orginal post cut the picture in 3 to show us that the medium can trick us veryeasily by chang some of the stuff in the picture.